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As the title of this blog suggest it’s related to LaPerm cats. But after a couple of years I decided to move the cat related posts to another cat specific blog (I did not want people to consider me to be a “cat photographer”) In any case if you ended up on my blog looking for cats you should go here instead:

A LaPerm kitten.  10 weeks old S*ÄgirsHus BC ulve.

A LaPerm kitten.
10 weeks old S*ÄgirsHus BC ulve.

Inspiration: Photography by the numbers

A lack of inspiration – we all have days like this. Today was a day off for me and I really wanted to go out shooting but did’nt know just what to shoot. So I came up with the idea of shooting numbers ; now I know what you are thinking “what an utterly boring idea!” – but to make it more interesting I told myself that the numbers had to be of different styles and materials; this forcing me to be creative.

I had set my mind up for 30 numbers (in a 6×5 grid), when I got home however I noticed that I’d missed the oh so elusive “17”, “28” and of course the mysterious “29”. So I had to settle for a 4×4 instead. Maybe this will inspire some of you to do the same kind of planned shooting to get the creative neurons going :)

photography by the numbers

photography by the numbers