Short notes on photography II – Lack of inspiration; new numbers.

We all know the feeling; when everything seems dull and what once was your passion (photography) seems to have lost its magic; that is lack of inspiration.
Well here’s a tip. This is the second time I’ve done this (the first one can be seen here: ).

Going out and shooting numbers is an easy way to get creative ; it’s easy to find the subject and you’ll be amazed once you are looking on how many different variations in colour, style and material there are.

Try it out :)

Photography by the numbers

Photography by the numbers 2

Inspiration: Photography by the numbers

A lack of inspiration – we all have days like this. Today was a day off for me and I really wanted to go out shooting but did’nt know just what to shoot. So I came up with the idea of shooting numbers ; now I know what you are thinking “what an utterly boring idea!” – but to make it more interesting I told myself that the numbers had to be of different styles and materials; this forcing me to be creative.

I had set my mind up for 30 numbers (in a 6×5 grid), when I got home however I noticed that I’d missed the oh so elusive “17”, “28” and of course the mysterious “29”. So I had to settle for a 4×4 instead. Maybe this will inspire some of you to do the same kind of planned shooting to get the creative neurons going :)

photography by the numbers

photography by the numbers