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Fru Alstad Church

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Fru Alstad is a small village in the southern most part of Sweden (Scania). The village is situated about 15 kilometres north of Trelleborg between Malmoe and Ystad. Today (2001) Fru Alstad, Domme and Aamossen have about 170 inhabitants but here have been as much as 870, about the year 1865.

The name Fru Alstad (Fru=Mrs., Al=Alder tree, Stad=city or place) is thought to come from the time when Scania was Danish and the church was consecrated to the Virgin Mary, like Notre Dame in Paris. In Danish the Virgin Mary is called Vaar Frue (= “our Mrs.” or “our wife”) The village has a long history, in pagan days here was and still is a sacrificial spring (sw. Offerkaella) and in the 14th century is the first record of a village here, called Alestaedhae Oestrae (= East Alstad, there is a west Alstad too). The late medieval church is from the 15th century and has a christening font that is from the 12th century. In the middle of the village there is a street well which used to supply parts of the village with fresh water.

Fru Alstad kyrka

Fru Alstad kyrka

Heaven: Behind the scenes

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Heaven: Behind the scenes

Heaven: Behind the scenes


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